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        Holiday 2018

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        Winter 2018

        Pillows, Paper Art, oh my!


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        • November 09, 2018 Holiday Pillows Are Live
          Holiday Pillows Are Live

          I've loved sewing for what feels like a decade. I love bringing together rich colors and mingling them with warm & often muted tones- yum!

          This holiday season, about 3 months in from opening up our physical shop, we've decided to offer a small collection of pillows. They are designed in-house with a few fabrics and linens sourced from Europe. 

          The holidays are seriously the funnest time to dress up our homes with playful colors and patterns, getting ready for the biggest hosting season of the year. 

          Every week with cheerful anticipation, we will be adding to our home collection. More paper art, holiday ornaments and a few more fun surprises. 

          I want to sincerely thank you friends for sticking around and reading along. 


          Happy Holidays + warm hugs,



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