Announcing Linen and Cake's very first workshop in Waco, Texas! And friends, we get to work with some of the sweetest.

The team at Harp Design Co. invited Linen & Cake to come out and host a Mothers Day Paper Hydrangea Workshop. The whole team is just... amazing.



You mean I get to spend the day with the Harp Design Co. team AND Kelly and Clint?!

Pinch me.

Drop what you're doing right now, go buy a good old-fashioned train ticket, then come join us for a FREE paper art workshop on May 12th.

Each guest gets to create a mini hydrangea sprig! Supplies are limited.

If Kelly Harp or Harp Design Co. sound a little familiar, YES... they are Fixer Upper's skilled woodworkers who create incredible doors and tables for Joanna. Kelly has been just a blessing to me here in Texas.

Make sure to check out their NEW show "Woodwork" on the diY network. And I would strongly encourage you to follow @KellyHarp on Instagram (she's hooked me up with the best coffee suggestions for Waco living in her Insta stories). 


Lets Celebrate!




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