My May Basket

My May Basket

Hey ya'll (Since I now live in Texas and have full permission to say "y'all"),

I absolutely love baskets... 

Some people collect shoes while others may have an endless supply of pillows. My thing is baskets.

Right now, I am just dying to share with you my love for these gorgeous beauties. 


I thought about counting them, but as you might guess I have many and I didn't even bring out all of them.

I would love to introduce to you my absolute favorite for the month of May. Each month it varies by use and decor taste.

This month it is this lovely vase!

I've watched this basket for months and months at World Market. It was priced at $90 and I thought, "Wow, that's pretty high!" ...that is until I stumbled into a gorgeous boutique that had a similar basket for $500!!! So I drove right up to World Market and made my purchase.

Funny how that works. 

Well I love this basket for paper hydrangeas and magnolias, so no regretting this buy!


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