Photo Blog Intro

Photo Blog Intro

Hi friends! 

A little itty bitty confession, I've wanted to share more of our family adventures and images along the way for so so long. I believe images are powerful and they bring us a life and a feeling of belonging & inspiration. 

We are Bret & Theresa (Theresa here) with two littles, Ana +Pete.

I would love to share a little about the name // Linen and Cake // it was born two years ago, with the intention to be a blog that celebrated the home. It stayed an Instagram account for a year and eventually rolled into an online shop with creative workshops & eventually a store front.

We realized over time. The same readers and friends check in on us and our adventures... So hmm, there is no better way to begin then JUST START. I will never be ready to blog (lets be real). Life continues to happen and our business continues to grow. So! Here we are, in this moment... Sharing a few images from a trip I went on with my sister Marie (aka Autie Lulu) and Pete in Austin Texas.

Here is a little introduction to our photo blog! 

Just sharing pieces of our journey and beautiful photos along the way. 



Theresa & Fam


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