Wow! This blog has been a looong time coming.

I've been dreaming of writing a blog for years. And before you could think it's because I love to write- let me politely interrupt & be the first to say, Nope.

Let's just say, I've wanted to blog more for the visual side of things. That's right, I'm more "Artsy" then "Wordsy"... I've been dreaming of a way to connect with you all more deeply and blogging just seems to be a good way to do that. With our MOVE TO TEXAS mid-February & new business endeavors, this is the place we want to share all the things!

Starting this year, I'd like to bring creative, lifestyle & {hopefully} inspiring content from our family to yours!

Be warned, this blog will eventually lean more into home decor, house flips, design pretties & DIY fun. But for now, I'd love to introduce the people that inspire me the most:

We are a team of four, we are the Emrys. 

My husband, Bret. Post-Engineer, entrepreneurial handyman, house renovator, mexican-food-lover. Mastermind behind reaching for our dreams & moving to Texas! 

The tots, Ana + Pete. My style geniuses who keep me on my toes & always in prayer.  

I'm Theresa - huggable, artsy, enthusiastic paper artist, designer & display creator. 

This blog is about our journey... striving to keep the Lord centered in our marriage, our children loved & always refocusing our "why" in anything we do.

I will begin next week with where we have been, who we are & sharing the dreams we are not afraid to name.


Next Weeks posts: 

Our first renovated house right here and we have LOTS of before + afters:



But before those I will be sharing more details on what motivated us to want to move to Texas from Spokane, WA ( yes, there is more then just Magnolia ).


I deeply appreciate that you are here.

You can expect to see new & fresh posts Tuesdays + Thursdays.

This lifestyle blog is meant to bring you in & make you feel like your a part of our family<3 






Love. Love. Love your heart and beautiful spirit. Can’t wait to read more and am SO happy for you and your family!! So blessed to have met you, even if only very briefly …

God Bless you all on your new adventure!



Congrats on all of it! You have amazing style, energy, creativity and such an open and giving heart. My son went to school in Dallas, served a mission in Houston and they considered setting up theirs practice there after school they loved Texas so much. My other son is considering moving there this year because it is a business friendly state and MUCH cheaper than San Diego. I am sure you will be missed here by those close to you but thank goodness for modern technology! God bless in your adventures to come.

Sheila K Otto

I look forward to reading more, & why the Emry’s are moving to Texas.
God bless you in all you do.

Darla Baerg

I’m so excited for your journey! I think you are so unique, I love your art… and describing yourself as huggable was perfect. I’m in Houston (also a believer) but went to college in Waco and lived in Dallas for two years. I’m thinking you’ll fall in love with Texas and KnkwnTexas will fall in love with you.

It’s funny, when you said you had an announcement I thought you were going to have an hgtv show where you redid campers. ? for now, moving to Texas is good! Blessings on your journey.


So excited for you!!! Can’t wait to see what you get up to here :)

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