Life is all Wonky

My 4 year old uses this phrase "Wonky" when she thinks something is a little off. 

So when it came to this last month of saying bye to Spokane,WA... life just feels all wonky right now. 

( Our renovated camper )

We can't wait to open shop and really get rolling with

blogs + camper life +workshops.

It's just been slow going, hard work and quite frankly a crazy season. Bret and I have been spending our days fixing up the camper as much as we can, finishing errands, and compacting our lives down to whatever we can fit into our camper.

But praise Jesus, we are ALMOST finished packing & now it's time to MOVE to Texas!

( Art piece: Alyse Neal Studio ) 

"A ship at harbor is safe, but that's not what ships are for." -Unknown 

These past 11 years in Spokane have been full. My husband and I were married here, had both our tots here, still own our rental house in the Valley and sold our first renovation house here. This home has been so good to us, not to mention we have the best family + friendships.

We have never felt so supported & loved as we venture on to Texas and go for those big dreams. Who knows, one day we may return home.

But for now, we are sailing away to our next adventure. Here we go.



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