This is what we've all been waiting for!!

Hi friends!!

The time is finally here! We have been waiting sooooooooo long to post before and after pictures of our McCabe house project. Bret and I purchased this house as a live-in Reno... Yes, we LIVED in it & survived.

As I've said in previous posts, this project was one of the biggest challenges of our lives... other than the birth of our two children of course.

I think a good way to do this house reveal (so you aren't inundated with 10,000 pictures) is to start slow and give you smaller pieces at a time.

Today, let's look at the outside transformation + the kitchen... cause it's my favorite ;)

Here she is in all her beauty:

And after:




 Kitchen before : 

After :

(Photo Cred Lisa Jagger Photography)

We fell in love with the double fire place. It was one of the hottest features of the home ( hah, punny ).

You can see the wall we removed and replaced with a wood beam. That's how we will remember the kitchen since it is forever burned into our memory.

In the photo above, the kitchen is on the left & dining room on the right, with the french doors leading to the patio where we spent most of our nights in front of the fire. 

(Photo credit of the after shots: Lisa Jagger Photography)


Again, I am so happy you are here! I look forward to sharing more of this house reno with you next Thursday!





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